Welcome to Pioneer School! Home of the Panthers!

“Pursuing excellence for every student every day.”

The staff welcomes you to Pioneer School. We want you to enjoy your years here and hope the challenges you face encourage you to do your best in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. We want you to take pride in Pioneer School, appreciating the diversity present in our school. We want Pioneer School to be a safe place for all students, and we encourage you to come to school each day ready to give it your best. We will help you be successful and to celebrate your successes!

About Pioneer School

Pioneer is a school that learns. We are a community of learners. Our classrooms are places of discovery and exploration-labs of learning. In our school, students are guided through the process of exploration and discovery, with the goal of developing an enthusiasm for lifelong learning in every child.

Pioneer students are explorers. Explorers search for direction, knowledge, and experiences. They offer strength to their community. We are a community of learners with a positive, caring attitude, where all students, parents, and staff take pride in their accomplishments. Like pioneers, our staff embraces risk to create new opportunities that will guide our learning community to new ideas, growth, inspiration and learning.

The staff at Pioneer is dedicated to building strong relationships with students. We believe in the principles of Positive Behavior Support. The staff supports student learning by teaching the school rules and identifying students, or groups of students, as they follow the rules. Positive Behavior Support creates opportunities to teach our expectations, while building strong relationships with our students.

It is our belief that students’ academic needs are best met when they are placed in an environment commensurate with their educational needs. As students enter our school, we assess their academic skills in order to meet academic needs. At Pioneer, a student’s location changes as skills are mastered. Academic needs may be met through an ever-increasing differentiated curriculum, extended learning opportunities, or an opportunity to accrue high school credit at Pioneer. We are proud of the work we do to meet our student’s academic needs.

Just like our name says, we are PIONEERS. We take risks. We ask questions. We discover the world around us. At Pioneer, we are excited about exploration and discovery. We take pride in who we are and what we want to become. We expect excellence from our students, staff and community. We believe, first and foremost, in our students. They are the reason we are here. We also believe in having fun and making Pioneer an enjoyable place to be.

Students will leave Pioneer with the reading, writing, speaking and thinking skills needed to be successful in life. We are more than a school. We inspire young people to be builders of a better tomorrow. We engage parents, and we take pride in building an alliance between community, family and school. We value relationships and will seek to build positive ones at all times. We invite you to come explore with us.

Dream. Explore. Discover

  • (P)ride in yourself. Pride in your work. Pride in your school. Pride in your community.
  • (I)nspire young people to build a better tomorrow.
  • (O)ur school. Our family. Our community.
  • (N)ew experiences. New strengths. New growth and new opportunities.
  • (E)xcellence in student learning and achievement.
  • (E)nthusiasm for lifelong learning through teamwork.
  • (R)espect, Responsibility and a Really safe school.