Arrival / Dismissal Procedures

School doors open at 7:30 AM. Children should not arrive at school before 7:30 since we do not have supervision for children before that time.

School Day is 7:50 AM – 2:35 PM except on Wednesdays.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday

7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

School Hours

Doors Open    7:30 AM

First Bell         7:50 AM

Dismissal        2:35 PM

Wednesday Dismissal  12:35 PM

Lower grades go to cafeteria and upper grades go to the gym before first bell. Students are taken to class at 7:55. They are not allowed to be on the playground or anywhere else in the building.  Children are not allowed in the classroom wings before school begins.

Bus transportation is provided for those families living within the distance boundaries set by the Lebanon Community School District.  Contact the district office transportation at 541-451-8485 for more information regarding busing. If your child is a bus rider, we will need information stating this.  We will expect your child to ride the bus each day, unless we receive a note from you stating otherwise.

If you will be transporting your child, you may drop them off and pick them up in the car pool area located at the north end of the building.  You may not park in this area at any time.  We will bring children out each day for transport.

If you are walking into the building to pick-up your child and it is before dismissal time, you must check in at the office.  If you are walking in to pick up your child at dismissal time, please wait in the parent pick-up area by the office for your child’s class to come by.

It is very important to let us know if you are changing your child’s transportation plan. This must be done by note or a phone call to the office.  Last minute changes can be very confusing for student and teacher!