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Dear Pioneer Students and Families, 
At Pioneer School, you will find a positive and supportive culture. Our team works hard at building strong relationships with students, staff, and families, and fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their background and circumstances. 
As principal and a former teacher at Pioneer for the last twenty years, I have a deep understanding and knowledge of the challenges that students in our community face. This includes issues such as poverty, food insecurity, limited access to healthcare, and exposure to trauma. As principal, I must be able to recognize these challenges and develop strategies to address them.  
My passion as a leader has been deeply impacted by my desire to support students in need. My family has provided a home to over 20 kids in foster care who need an advocate during some of the hardest times of their lives. This experience has shaped who I am as a professional, parent, and community member. Helping kids find their voice, feel valued, and dream of a healthy and bright future is what continues to motivate me both personally and professionally.  
Pioneer School is known for its desire to effectively collaborate with community partners. This includes working with local government, businesses, and non-profit organizations to provide resources and support for our students and families. We’ve developed strong working relationships with our neighbors at the Oregon Veterans Home, Comp Northwest, and Linn County Mental Health to name a few. 
Pioneer School is a thriving community of learners where students feel engaged and motivated to learn, where they are supported by their peers and teachers, and where they are provided with the opportunities to take ownership of their learning. It is characterized by a positive and inclusive culture, where diversity is celebrated and individuals feel safe to take risks and express themselves.
Teachers at Pioneer collaborate to create meaningful and relevant learning experiences, and students are encouraged to think critically and solve problems. They are also provided with opportunities to give back to the community and to develop leadership and communication skills. A thriving community of learners is a place where everyone has a sense of belonging and purpose. This is Pioneer School.
Tonya Cairo